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New Library Survey Results as of November 2016

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Takeaway from the New Library Survey results:

1. As of November 12, 303 individuals have responded to the survey.  The great majority (53%) are library "super users," who use Kennett Library several times a month.

2. The top five services survey respondents use most are (in order):

     borrowing print books and books on CD (93%)

     borrowing DVDs (43%)

     Use the Library's web site from home, school or work (32%)

     downloading e-books, magazines, music from the LIbrary's web site (29%)

     attend library programs for adults (24%)

3. Respondents were asked how they learned about Library programs and events.  The top responses were the Library's web site; the weekly e-blast; and flyers and posters in the Library.

4. The next question was about the strengths of Kennett Library.  The top answer, by a large margin, was the friendly and approachable staff (82%).  The next four responses, in order, are:

     book and audio book collections (61%)

     Library web site (35%)

     days and hours of service (33%)

     DVDs (30%)

5. The fifth question was about the most important changes and improvements respondents would like to see over the next several years and they were asked to rank the importance of each change or improvement.  The top five responses, based on weighted average, are:

     more current books (weighted average of 3.35)

     new/larger library (3.03)

     expanded hours and days of service (2.82)

     more e-books, video and music to download (2.72)

     variety of spaces for local groups/organizations to meet (2.69)

6. Next, people were asked to rank the importance of four roles for the Library to play in the community:  providing lifelong learning resources; supporting digital literacy; supporting basic literacy; and serving as a welcoming and safe place for community gathering.  There was only 0.19 difference among the weighted averages, meaning the four roles are almost equally important among survey respondents.

7. Finally, people were asked to identify the most important changes they would like to see Kennett Library make over the next several years.  More than half of respondents (140) skipped this question, but of the 163 responses, the top areas they addressed are:

     the building (larger library, more space, etc.)

     parking (more, free)

     collection (print and digital)

     building accessibility

     meeting and study spaces

8. The remaining questions helped us identify who is responding to the survey.  Most respondents are:

     between 51 and 65;

     have no children residing with them;

     speak English most often (98%);

     have a variety of technological devices in their home;

     have lived in the area more than 20 years; and

     live in Kennett Square.