Videos to Learn English

More videos are coming soon!  Watch many different videos in English here, including: 

  • Interviews with members of the community

  • English grammar and vocabulary lessons

  • Cooking recipes for practicing skills in listening to and following directions

  • Skills for your job

  • Other interesting videos


Introducing yourself

Learn how to introduce and talk about yourself in English.

Talking about numbers

Learn how to count to 100 and how to count money.

Talking about time

Learn how to answer and ask questions about time.

Talking about dates

Learn how to talk about specific days.

Talking about your family

Learn how to ask and answer questions about family.

Common Questions

Learn how to ask and answer common questions.

Talking about food

Learn how to talk about foods at the supermarket.

Nico’s Story

Practice your verbs with this story.

Halloween Scenes

Practice using prepositions with this activity.

Weather Vocabuary

Learn how to talk about the weather.


Carrot Raisin Muffins

English Pancakes

Chicken Pot Pie Casserole

Pepper Steak


Why I Love the Library


My Neighbor’s House

Veteran’s Day


Why is Friday Black?

Weather and Mood

Abbreviations and More


A Walk in New Garden Park

Charmaine’s Doll Collection, Mexico

Charmaine’s Doll Collection, India

Scavenger Hunt of Kennett Square

International Literacy Day

Celosia Cristata Flowers

The Chestnut Tree

Halloween Activity

The Legend of the Jack-o’-Lantern


Container Gardening

Setting the Table