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January 2016

New Officers and a Fresh Start

Late in 2015 and early in January, more than half the previous Library Board members resigned in the wake of community concern over controversial Board decisions such as changing the name of the library without community input and questions about financial management and transparency. The prior slate of library officers also declined to serve again.

On January 19, 2016, the remaining Trustees of the Kennett Public Library met to elect a new slate of officers.

Because of the serious issues confronting the Library and the need for fresh but experienced leadership, a previous Library president, Thomas C. Swett, was appointed to the Library Board by East Marlborough Township. At the request of the remaining Library Board members, Tom agreed to serve once again as President. Joining Tom on the Executive committee were Jeff Yetter as Vice President and Bill McLachlan as Secretary/Treasurer.

Under Tom’s experienced leadership, the new trustees were charged with rebuilding the Board, restoring confidence in the leadership of the library, improving and strengthening financial controls and transparency, restoring community trust, increasing the donor base, fixing the Library’s divisive name situation and then moving forward to building a new library.

Tom Swett immediately began meeting individually and in small groups with people throughout the community and listening to their concerns and complaints. Tom also began recruiting an experienced and capable new group of Library Board members.

Board Update

New trustee appointed, Betsy Del Vecchio of Pennsbury Township.

In Depth

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01/31/2016 12:00:00 am

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