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April 2016

New name receives overwhelming support from meeting attendees, Library receives $36,000 planning grant

The board attended a second retreat on April 9th to preview the public presentation regarding the name change. On April 12th, Carl made 3 back to back presentations to over 50 community members. The reaction to the naming process and the new name was immediate, overwhelmingly positive and virtually unanimous. Attendees were extremely supportive and appreciated seeing the care and attention the board had gone through to resolve the issue.

The next day, the board scheduled two more presentations open to the public on May 3rd.

On April 14th, the Library was informed that they had received the Vision Partnership grant from Chester County for $36,000 to help the community collaborate on envisioning the new library.

At the Board meeting of April 19, the Board affirmed their support for moving forward with Phase 1 of the branding plan including changing the name to Kennett Library, integrating Bayard Taylor into the branding plan, and proceeding to the design phase for a new logo, all subject to final approval by the Board at their May meeting.

In Depth

Click to download branding plan presentation prepared by EnvisianStrategic

04/30/2016 12:00:00 am

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