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May 2016

Board approves new name, commissions new logo and starts talks with Kennett Borough to build a multi-use building

May 3, The two public Library name change meetings received more positive input and the stage was set to formally approve the new name — Kennett Library — at the May 17th board meeting.

Also on May 17, the New Building Committee met with two different architectural firms specializing in designing libraries: Ikon 5 and Lukemire Associates. Both presentations were impressive and it was obvious that both firms are well qualified to design our new library.

May 17, The new name, Kennett Library, was approved unanimously by the Board with thanks to the many community leaders, library users and area citizens who attended our five name change sessions and provided invaluable input and support for our process and the new name.

May 17, The Board approved a motion to honor and incorporate Bayard Taylor into the new library grounds/building in a meaningful, imaginative and lasting way, to be decided when the new library location and plans become clear.

May 17, The board approved hiring EnvisianStrategic’s recommended design firm to create a new logo and design structure for the library’s brand.

On May 19, the Vision Partnership Planning Grant committee, which includes representation by all 8 municipalities, met to finalize the Request for Proposal needed to hire the grant’s planning consultant.

Members of the New Building Committee (NBC) have been meeting with members of Kennett Borough Council to discuss the possibility of building a multi-use building on the Weinstein lot in Kennett Square. The Borough proposed that the Library and Borough jointly build a 3-story building on the property with underground parking, and with the Library occupying two floors and the Borough occupying one. The Borough's floor would house the Borough offices, the police station and municipal courts. This proposal could result in significant cost savings for the library in constructing a new building, greatly improve access and parking, and would keep the Library in the center of the Borough near its present location and even increase its visibility and accessibility.

Board UpdateThe board welcomed new trustees, Brad Peiper, appointed by Pocopson Township and Chris Larsen, an at-Large member from Pocopson Township.

In Depth

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05/31/2016 12:00:00 am

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