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November 2016

Library Director candidates interviewed and the new Kennett Library begins to take shape

11/1, The Library Director Search Committee reviewed the resumes of 20 candidates and decided to conduct initial interviews with 8 candidates.

11/3, The Library Director Search Committee conducted 2 initial candidate interviews in person.

11/4, The Library Director Search Committee conducted 5 initial candidate interviews via Skype in the video conference room at Chatham Financial. 

11/8, Library Trustee Brad Peiper and Library Trustee Board President Tom Swett worked the Pocopson polling place and urged residents to fill out the New Library survey.

11/10, The Library Director Search Committee conducted the last initial candidate interview via Skype in the video conference room at Chatham Financial.

11/11,  The Library Director Search Committee selected 4 candidates fas finalists and requested that they each present to the Trustees, a presentation on “The Perfect Library”

11/15, The Lukmire Partnership returned to Kennett and met with seniors, teens and tweens and Borough officials as the gathered more data to insure our new library will meet the needs of the community.

11/15,  A public meeting was held at the Kennett Fire Hall and the Lukmire Partnership presented the results of the community survey and a preliminary drawing of the new library.

11/28-30, Two Library Director candidates visited Kennett, met with the Chester County Library System, toured the region, visited the library, met with the staff and presented  “The Perfect Library” to the Trustees.

Board UpdateThe board welcomed new trustee, Margaret Egli, appointed by East Marlborough Township.In Depth

Director's Report: November 2016 Director's Report

New Library Survey: New Kennett Library Survey November Results

November Visioning Meeting: Lurkmire Presentation Summary

Kennett Library welcomes new board member

11/28/2016 12:00:00 am

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