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July 2017

Moving Forward

7/3  Tom Swett, president of the library board, read a statement at the July 3 meeting announcing the library's intent to build the new library alone.

7/13 Meeting with Borough officials on various details regarding the purchase of the Weinstein lot.

7/17  Library Board member Brenda Mercomes read a statement announcing the Library’s desire to proceed on their own and requesting the lot be sold to the library.  Borough Council decided to discuss this in private pending a property appraisal.

7/18  Library Trustees met with Aegis Property Group to discuss the steps to move the project forward, once a price is agreed on for the Weinstein property.

7/18  Blue Rock Financial was approved as the Library’s  investment advisor by the Board of Trustees.


During the month of July, numerous meetings were held with our consultant regarding planning for a feasibility study late this fall.

06/12/2017 10:00:00 am

Board + Building
Monthly updates about managing our library and preparing to build a new library center