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VGC Presents: The Arcade

We're inviting anyone up to 12th grade for our  OPEN ARCADE NIGHT!  Join us after hours when the library transforms into a free arcade. Expect everything from AAA titles to your favorite obscure games from twitch at a level of production you can't get at home.

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


* December Melee:


Celebrate the release of Super Smash Brother's Ultimate with us by competing 
on new and classic smashlike titles in the December melee for this month's badge.


* Introducing the Melee: 

Each month we'll be curating a collection of games on a theme for you to enjoy. In November check out "Ready? Fight!" a collection of fighting games that span the genre from classics like Street Fighter, to oddballs like Dive Kick and featuring the newly released Soul Calibur VI. Not a fan of the genre? Don't worry, we'll still have tons of open arcade games like Rockband and Fortnite to play.

* Introducing Quests and Quest Badges:

We're bringing you the chance to earn exclusive pins for your victories in the Melee! Each month will have a unique quest to complete, and victories will earn you one of these limited run quest badges.