P.U.L.L. (Pop Up Lending Libraries)

Jan Michener, Founder and Executive Director of AHHAH, Laura Florence, Library staff and Matt Taylor
P.U.L.L. Stations Locations and Artists

For more information and sign up to become a P.U.L.L. Ambassador, contact Jan Michener at jan@artsholdinghandsandhearts.com

Motivated to find ways to broaden and deepen our impact in the community, the Kennett Library partnered with local non-profit AHHAH (Arts Holding Hands and Hearts), to create and place over 20 little free libraries throughout the region. The goal of the P.U.L.L. stations (Pop Up Lending Libraries) is particularly geared towards younger readers to provide good books and encourage families to read together to increase literacy and bonding and, of course, fun! Studies have shown there is beneficial long-term effect when a child has early exposure to reading. P.U.L.L. stations are filled with both donated books and new books purchased with grants and donations. We include books in Spanish as well as books that support diversity, community building and caring. 

Longwood Rotary and residents of Kendal/Crosslands donated funds for materials and members of the community donated carpentry skills, and artistic talents to build the beautiful boxes. Scout troops, middle school and high school woodshops and residents from local retirement communities built sturdy boxes to our specifications. The boxes were then given to local artists to create their magic. Finished boxes were placed in locations that could be easily accessed by kids and their families. Each box is assigned a “steward”, a community volunteer who regularly checks the box, fills it when needed and makes sure all is in good working order.

The P.U.L.L. stations are visited daily by kids and parents at playgrounds, ball fields, public parks, apartment complexes, along walking trails, in the town center, at day care centers, on school yards and women’s shelters. Anyone can take a book and can leave a book to be enjoyed by the next visitor. The result of this partnership and community collaboration is a plethora of beautiful and functional little libraries accessible to anyone, anytime, almost anywhere.

We know that a little bit of the Kennett Library is working around the clock in all parts of our community to ensure everyone has easy access to books and all the wonderful things books bring to our lives.