Seed Library Launch Party March 2, 2024

The Seed Library at Kennett Library

The Seed Library at Kennett Library offers a wide selection of seeds available for free to the public. The Seed Library is housed in a vintage library card catalog filled with a variety of individual seed packets. You will find seeds for everything from vegetables, herbs, and grains to gourds and flowers. Most of the seeds in our collection are donated from established seed companies* committed to maintaining open-pollinated, heritage, non-gmo seeds produced through organic, sustainable practices. Some are locally wild-harvested native species, and some have been donated by our neighbors from their own gardens.

We’re all about Seed Sharing! You do not need a library card to use the Seed Library! (Though we would love you to have one!) You may select as many packets of seeds as you want to grow in a season. Each packet has enough seeds for a small garden/row to start. (PLEASE take only the amount you think you can grow in the season). Each packet is labeled with the name of the plant, its source, date, and basic information for planting.

Planting schedules and guides are available to take. Reference materials and catalogs with more in-depth details on each plant are available to review and copy. Users are invited to keep records of their growing season and share results and any tips with us. We would love to know how your garden grows!

  • The Seed Library represents the Kennett Library’s commitment to making seeds available to the community at no cost so that all may enjoy the benefits of growing safe, nutritious, delicious food, fragrant, tasty, healing herbs, and beautiful flowers.
  • The Seed Library offers a way for people to share and preserve their unique  histories, culture, and food ways within their families and with the broader community.   as well as extend those traditions to future generations by way of seed saving.
  • The Seed Library is an opportunity to share techniques and traditions of gardening with others. It gives the public an opportunity to explore and develop a new skill, learning to grow food without the burden of financial investment.
  • The Seed Library encourages understanding of and connection with the importance of food safety, sustainable practices, and environmental stewardship.
  • The Seed Library exists to empower people to grow food for themselves and their families that are safe, affordable, nutritious, bountiful, and meaningful.

The Seed Library is housed in a vintage library card catalog in the main lobby of the library. Occasionally the Seed Library pops up in the community at local farmers markets, area parks, and special events.