Welcome to the Kennett Seed Library!

The Kennett Seed Library invites you to grow and cultivate food, flowers and friends! We offer a selection of seeds for anyone to “check out” (you plant them but you don’t need to bring back seeds).

Seed libraries help to preserve genetic diversity, create locally resilient plants, promote healthy eating and time outdoors, and build strong community. The resulting bounty of your garden can be shared with family, friends, neighbors and local organizations such as the KACS Food Bank.

For more information email kennett@ccls.org


The Kennett Seed Library has a selection of seeds for anyone to “check out” (you can pick out what you want to plant. It is free and you don’t need to bring back seeds). We offer choices in vegetable, herb and flower seeds. Seeds in the collection are (mostly) organic and open pollinated.

The Seed Library is housed in a vintage library card catalog filled with a variety of individual seed packets. Each packet is labeled with the plant name and basic instructions for growing. The Kennett Seed Library does not require anything to be returned except stories of your gardening experience if you wish to share!


Seed Sharing You do not need to have a library card to use the SEED LIBRARY! You may select any of the packets of seed you want to grow in a season. Each packet has enough seeds for a small garden/row to start. (PLEASE take only the amount you think you can grow in the season). They are labeled with the name of the plant and basic information for planting.

Reference materials are available to review which describe in more detail each type of plant in the collection and specifics on growing and harvesting. Users are encouraged to keep records of their growing season and give a follow-up reports of how well their seeds did, any tips for others growing those seeds plus any other information they would like to share.


  • The Kennett Seed Library is committed to making seeds available to the community at no cost so that they may enjoy the benefits of growing food, herbs and flowers.
  • The Kennett Seed Library offers a way for people to share and preserve their family histories, culture and food ways with the broader community as well as extend those traditions to the future generations by way of seed saving.
  • The Kennett Seed Library invites participants to share stories and traditions of food and culture which serve as a spring board for delving into our community’s unique history. Growing plants from seed allows us the opportunity to share techniques and traditions of gardening and food ways with others. It encourages understanding of and connection with the importance of food equity, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.
  • The Kennett Seed Library hopes to empower people to grow food for themselves and their families that is safe, affordable, nutritious, and bountiful.