Meadowitos: creating native plant habitats in the urbanized areas of Kennett Square, PA

Meadowitos is an environmental/community project of the Kennett Library that seeks to address the problem of habitat fragmentation. Fragmentation impacts the ability for a wide variety of wildlife, particularly birds and insects, to thrive. Fragmentation, in both social and natural realms, has profound and negative effects at many levels. When we create pollinator pathways we enable both humans and wildlife to restore connection.  

By planting areas with resilient native plant species, we can establish “micro-meadows”: Meadowitos.  By selecting suitable plants for these areas, we build a chain of connecting habitats that enable pollinators to access the necessary sources for food, shelter and reproduction.

The Meadowitos project encourages and draws from community engagement by inviting people into conversation that develops interest in our natural surroundings. Residents learn to identify vibrant habitats and become aware of the importance and urgency of creating areas of ecological viability.

Meadowitos also serves as locations for learning—for schools and youth groups to adopt & nurture…living classrooms and community projects to encourage connections to community as well as the natural world and foster a sense of belonging to both.

This project continues to expand to incorporate areas along trails, in empty lots and near roadways thereby strengthening pollinator pathways while increasing the attractiveness and sustainability with native plantings.

Check out the Meadowitos at the following locations:

  1. Kennett Area Senior Center 427 S Walnut Street, Kennett Square, PA (back parking lot)
  2. Community Garden, Anson B. Nixon Park 405 N Walnut Road, Kennett Square, PA (next to garden shed)
  3. Kennett Area YMCA 101 Race Street, Kennett Square, PA (along the Kennett Greenway Trail and up to Cypress Street bridge)
  4. South Mill Camps Mushroom Headquarters 649 W South Street, Kennett Square, PA (along the length of the building facing South Street)
  5. Kennett Area Community Services (KACS) 136 W Cedar Street, Kennett Square, PA (in front of administration building)
  6. New Garden Township Park 8934 Gap Newport Pike, Landenberg (entrance to Pavilion #1)
  7. Mighty Writers El Futuro 121 Willow Street, Toughkenamon, PA


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